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Wireless Support

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Connetion Issues

Our wireless equipment operates on a 'line of sight' principal, which means your dish has been aligned to communicate with a particular access point to afford you optimal signal strength.  From time to time, the West Texas winds make cause that alignment to deviate from its ideal placement.


Checking that all your wires are plugged in at the router and from the plug is one of the first things you should do. Verify that the power cord is connected and that all the lights on the router and radio are on. This may seem like a ridiculous suggestion but you should never disregard the obvious. You’d be surprised at how your configuration can be perfect, and after a while of playing around with settings you realize that the network cable leading from the router to the radio has come undone slightly.  Also check your wireless network adapter to confirm it is switched on. If you have a PCMCIA or USB wireless adapter try removing it and then re-inserting it while Windows is running so it will re-detect it. The lights on the adapter give an indication of whether there is a problem.


If you are still unable to connect to the Internet after checking your connections and cabling, we want to first turn off power on the radio for 30 seconds.  Return power to the radio box, and then unplug your router (if you have one connected) for 30 seconds.  Restore power to the router.  Depending on the version of operating system, you may then need to reboot/restart your computer.

Try connecting to the internet.  You should be able to access the internet at this point.  If not, contact one of our Support Team members at 432-550-8766 and they will be happy to assist you.


  • What equipment is provided?

    • NetWest Online will provide the necessary equipment for Internet connectivity. A WiFi router is recommended and can be purchased for $100.95 or you may use your own and the installer will configure settings for you at the time of installation. ​

  • Who installs the equipment?

    • For residential customers: A NetWest Online installer will come to your home and mount the antenna, run cable into your home, and set up your wireless router for a one time installation fee of $180.​

  • How fast is wireless?

    • The radios are capable of up to 1000mbps transfer speed depending on area and package price. This is faster than satellite / and DSL. Actual performance of individual connections will vary depending upon a number of circumstances. 

  • Will it work anywhere?​

    • You must be within radio range. Also the system requires line of sight between our tower and your antenna. Depending on your location you may need additional equipment. 

  • How many email accounts do I get?

    • Residential wireless services includes up to 5 email addresses. 

    • Business accounts include anywhere from 10 to 20 addresses depending on plan chosen.​

  • Can I connect more than 1 device?

    • Yes! You can connect up to 10 devices at one time. Want to connect more? Just give us a call!

  • What if I move from my current location?

    • If you move to another location within NetWest Online's service area, your service will be redeployed for a $99 installation fee. If you move outside NetWest Online's service area, you will be allowed to exit your contract without penalty. Simply call NetWest Online so that we can retrieve our equipment.

  • Will my wireless connection be turned off by bad weather?

    • Wireless connections are stable through any kind of weather, and provide the fastest and most economical internet connection solution for both the business and home.

  • How does billing work?

    • Your bill is due at the beginning of your cycle monthly. If payment is not received within 10 days, service will be disconnected and a re-installation fee of $35 will be assessed should you reinstate service and pay past due balances.


NetWest Online Inc. is able to bring wireless internet from our multi-homed backbone to your home or office, no strings attached. With a quick and professional installation, you can enjoy wireless internet in your own home or business, and experience the web at speeds faster than both DSL and cable. Wireless connections are stable through any kind of weather, and provide the fastest and most economical internet connection solution for both the business and home.

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