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Fraud Alert

Fraudulent E-mail Detected

NetWest Online is aware of a fraudulent e-mail currently being circulated by a non-NetWest source, which requests that you “confirm your account or it will be suspended.” This e-mail is not from NetWest Online.  It is part of a “phishing” scam - do not reply to the fraudulent e-mail or click any of its links.

NetWest Online customers should be aware of the continuing threat posed by multiple e-mail-based scams known as “phishing.” These e-mail-based scams attempt to collect private account information from customers through deceptive and misleading methods. 


We do not solicit sensitive, private information from customers through unsecure e-mail, and we will never ask for your password by this means.

Customers who receive these e-mails should not follow any of the instructions in the e-mail and should not click on the links contained in the e-mail. If customers follow these steps, their accounts are not in jeopardy of being compromised.

At NetWest Online, protecting your privacy and the security of your information is very important to us.  If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an e-mail message that appears to be from NetWest Online, please contact our technical staff at 432-550-8766.

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